So Yeah, Dennis Rodman Wrote A Children’s Book

Dennis Rodman Signs Copies Of His New Children's Book

I have to admit, I was pretty damn shocked when I learned about Dennis Rodman’s new children’s book, ‘Dennis the Wild Bull‘. It’s a cute title & it makes sense, but still, Dennis Rodman?!? I guess sneaking into the NBA Hall of Fame really forced the guy to get his shit together, but couldn’t he have done other shit like providing clean water to impoverished villages in Africa and a little community service in the inner city before venturing into the lucrative children’s book industry?! Don’t you need a little credibility before you can start preaching to innocent kids? I guess not.

These photos were snapped on Saturday at Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville, Illinois. Among the anxious fans who stood in line for hours—yes hours—to see the former NBA bad boy was LaShonda Nelson. Believe it or not, but this woman waited a total of 17 years to have Rodman autograph the jersey he first gave to her following the Bulls 1995-96 season championship game at the United Center. God damn.