BREAKING!! Selena Gomez Photographed Exiting Car While Holding Iced-Tea & Talking On Her Phone AT THE SAME TIME!

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As most of you have probably heard by now, Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber are rumored to having puppy-love sex again. I guess Justin’s been sitting on his computer looking at Selena’s “leaked” bikini photos from “Spring Breakers” and decided he still wants a piece. Since he’s used to getting what he wants, Selena was seen leaving his Los Angeles home on late Friday night after the duo reported hit up a show at Soho House by girl group Young LA. Even though I feel stupid writing about this, the news of the reunion first broke when one of the band members Tweeted, “Our girl the beautiful Selena @Selenagomez was front and centre last night for our first show! We love u…”

Another member of the band further confirmed with a separate tweet, “No big deal.. Bieber and Gomez front seat at our first show. Musta been the music. <3."

Can't these two find other people to satisfy them sexually? Especially Justin! What the fuck?

  • vamp

    sorry but I cant imagine her and bieber having sex. I cant imagine bieber having sex at all. I just want to imagine they have sexless relationship.

    • MoeJackson

      @vamp Don’t confuse Selena w/ Taylor Swift

      I have a feeling that Selena’s a total freak behind closed doors, but then again, I thought the same thing about Taylor…

      It’s the latina inside Selena that supports the freaky theory.

    • RoxyGilmour

      @vamp Me too, eww at the thought of him doing it.

    • curvefan

      @vamp If it was only Bieber, she would be almost virginal.

  • skilligan

    she has GREAT legs, pictures where her 16 year old face on a grown woman body are always sexy

  • MundoLopez1

    Man she’s been on the phone for  the last three or so posts….anyways…she’s on facebook, and I got to say hi to her, and she answered…

  • Gabby

    How the fuck do you know if they had sex or not? God this is just fucking stupid. Just get out of their lives! You have nothing better to do that talk about shit you only dream they do.