MIAMI: Claudia Romani Should’ve Just Worn Her Bikini…

Italian fashion model Claudia Romani, wearing a tight purple mini dress with wedgies and carrying a tote with a caricature of herself, leaves her apartment in Miami Beach, Florida

Damn Claudia! If you’re not careful, you’re gonna give unsuspecting old dudes in Miami Beach a heart attack if you keep dressing like this while running errands! These were snapped earlier this afternoon as Italian model Claudia Romani was spotted rocking an insanely tight, purple mini as she cat-walked out of her apartment building carrying a tote with a caricature of herself on it. It’s safe to say that this lil’ dress leaves very little to the imagination.

Unfortunately we were unable to get our hands on a new set of bikini pics featuring Claudia having some fun under a public shower at a local beach. No worries, I’m sure they’ll turn up some where. It appears she’s wearing a bikini under the mini dress & these particular pics were snapped earlier in the afternoon before the the shower episode. DAMN YOU, EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!!!

Here’s a photo Claudia Tweeted at about 11:30PM EST w/ the following message, “ohh what happened to me in those pics? scaryyyy!Let me attach this at the TV show from 1 hour ago…”

Claudia Romani