The “Aaaw, That’s Cute” Matchup Featuring Verne Troyer on a Scooter!

Verne Troyer gets some exercise on a kids scooter

Which other website on the net can feature a chick like Claudia Romani wearing an ass-hugging mini dress in one post & then follow that with a matchup featuring world-famous dwarf, Verne Troyer? If you’re ever thinking, “God, what the fuck am I doing on this piece of shit site that changes every fucking day?,” then always remember one thing: while most gossip sites feature somewhat predictable content, we on the other hand, can pull anything out of ass at any given time. Sure that works against us 98% of the time, but fuck it!

Anyway, here’s Verne Troyer getting in some quality exercise on a scooter in Malibu. The dude is so cool that he stopped off to chat w/ fans and even got his face licked by a random-ass dog! Fucking awesome. I don’t think I can remember any other celebrity in the past eight years showing this much love. Major props to Verne.