Harry Styles Had Drunken Birthday Sex With This Chick

Harry Styles celebrating his birthday

Judging by how things have gone since the breakup, Harry Styles appears far more happier these days than he was during those mornings when he suffered through lonely walks out of Taylor Swift’s NYC hotel after spending his nights trying to convince Taylor to have sex with him—or at least give him a blowjob. Considering how he ended the relationship by calling her crazy, we’re gonna assume she didn’t put out.

The young pop star celebrated his 19th birthday over the weekend by doing exactly what every other 19 year old does around the world. Harry hit multiple nightclubs, got completely trashed, made out with countless girls & then took a few chicks back home for a drunken birthday orgy. We should note that the partying for 99.9999999% of dudes who’re turning 19 ends at getting completely trashed & passing out alone on somebody’s couch, possibly covered in your own puke.

On a completely different topic, what’s up with his security guard’s intimidating, Mr. Miyagi beard? I’m kinda diggin’ it…

Harry Styles celebrating his birthday